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Devizes Textiles
Recycling clothes for a better tomorrow


Devizes textiles have a high reputation, and regard around the world as one of the best companies in it's field for the expertise and quality of supplying and grading textiles, either in Africa, middle east or east Europe for quality second hand clothing or recycling mills for quality and correctly graded material for the recycling processes and industrial wiper cloth trade.

Devizes textiles are continuing to develop methods of textile waste recovery and continue to maximize the amount of textiles that can be recycled from textile waste recovery.

One way in achieving this is the development of a drying plant; Devizes textiles are currently looking at the best and most efficient ways of achieving this. This will be of particular interest to the kerbside collection, which is vulnerable to being contaminated with water, and as a consequence large quantities end up being returned back into landfill, this can be as much as 50% during bad weather and winter conditions. However, Devizes has installed industrial dryer for any wet collected textiles.

We work with various charities on a very straightforward basis. We collect excess material from their shops or empty collection banks and pay them a percentage of the value of the materials. We can even arrange for one off collection by van if there is enough material.